People and Dresses


   First time I went to the shop named Kohls Coupons I was pleasantly surprised by the way I was treated. Rich selection of goods along with attentive shop workers makes that apposite place for shopping. So that is why I decided to go exactly to that shop again. I went into the local shop and walked into the women clothes department in searches of some really good articles of dress. At first I visually scanned all the shelves and boards and clothes hangers. It was a great fun walking through well-luminous tidy halls putting on and taking garments off. There were lots of pieces of women clothes cheering me up - of different shape and color and fabric. And the ratio quality/price made me happy. But gradually the miscellanea overloaded me at its full. Which one would pass with my dress, and which one should I take to look really beautifully on that high-day? In vain did I try to find the one to fit me at its best. Everything I tried on seemed to be the right. But hardly had I found the appropriate one as I thought when my attention was drawn by another. I got lost in the shop. And I failed to find any jackets as well.

     Luckily, a young lady in a neat uniform with a badge name of Arden came up to me. She gently greeted and asked if I needed any help. I was really a bit confused by the assortment they had in their shop, so I was glad I could be helped. That came as a great relief. So I explained what exactly I was looking for, what I like and what I don`t. I explained the reason why I was in need of a jacket. With a sharp eye and professional skills she picked a few jackets – the ones I would never choose by myself, the ones I would never lay my eye on – and helped me to put them on.

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